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Mission: Workwell Industries is a non-profit organization committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities or others who may experience barriers to employment.

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Success Stories

At Workwell, our success stories are what drive us to continue our commitment to creating jobs. We’re excited about the impact we’ve had and continue to have in our community, and we’re proud of the individuals who make our successes possible.

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Want to work for an innovative, forward-thinking fulfilment industry expert that’s recognized worldwide? At Workwell, our employees matter.

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News & Updates

Manufacturing: We’ve got the skills you need!
October 25, 2017

Manufacturing has been a bit of a ‘buzz word” in the United States lately.  A new wave of industrial progress has brought with it a demand for supply chain management. Workwell Industries finds itself uniquely positioned to take advantage of this demand. Manufacturing growth is trending in the US. It can be broken down into […]

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Way Easier than Ikea Instructions
April 24, 2017

Outsourcing Assembly Work Pays Something we’ve all been hearing a lot about in the news these days is manufacturing and assembly work. As Louisville’s reliable source for contract outsourcing for over 40 years, Workwell Industries (formerly Custom Quality Services) has seen a lot of different kinds assembly jobs pass through these doors over the last […]

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