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What We Do & Our FTZ

We provide quality packaging parts assembly, fulfillment, and point-of-sale displays at reasonable costs with guaranteed on-time deliveries. We have been granted an on-site Foreign Trade Zone by the Riverport Authority. We’re committed to unparalleled customer service, and as always, our promise is to work well for you.

Workwell Industries is a non-profit organization committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities or who experience barriers to employment.

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Success Stories

At Workwell, our success stories are what drive us to continue our commitment to creating jobs. We’re excited about the impact we’ve had and continue to have in our community, and we’re proud of the individuals who make our successes possible.

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Want to work for an innovative, forward-thinking fulfilment industry expert that’s recognized worldwide? At Workwell, our employees matter.

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News & Updates

Workwell Industries: Your Logistics Dream Come True
February 16, 2017

Workwell Industries: Your Logistics Dream Come True   So if you find yourself reading this, you’ve probably heard Workwell Industries tout themselves as “Louisville’s Best Kept Secret.” Easy to say, but not as easy to back up. Why, do you ask, is Workwell Industries in the perfect position to handle your company’s deliveries, guaranteed, on-time, […]

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The Benefits of Contract Outsourcing
January 11, 2017

2017 is upon us and you may be challenged with increased labor costs and lower margins on your products.  Contract Outsourcing could be your solution for improved profitability that’s easy to implement. Contract outsourcing can also offer improved revenue.  You can reap higher profit margins and efficiency by finding the right partner to provide contract […]

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