Workwell Industries is a non-profit organization that is committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment. When we succeed, we change lives.

We provide quality packaging, parts assembly as well as various other services to many large organizations in the US and worldwide. By choosing to outsource these services to Workwell, companies routinely reduce overhead & save on the cost of a project. We also have been granted a foreign trade zone through the Riverport Authority that is monitored by US Customs.

Our packaging services include promotional, consumer, and product packaging as well as the construction of displays and many other services. We provide assembly and sub-assembly for manufacturing and other industries. Workwell also has a successful history of performing various other services.

Workwell Industries specializes in co-packaging and sub-assembly for companies that outsource work. Established in 1979, the original focus was a center-based Employment Center for the intellectually and physically disabled.  In 1981, a company was formed by parents of the Council of Mental Retardation, naming it “Custom Manufacturing Services.”

Over time, the focus changed from a sheltered workshop to a normalized, yet supportive, work environment. Employees who have disabilities are given opportunities to grow in their job roles and learn transferable skills. In 1996, the name changed to “Custom Quality Services” to de-emphasize the focus on manufacturing and to represent our commitment to quality work and excellence in customer service.

In 2016 the company changed its name to Workwell Industries to focus on remaining an innovative, forward-thinking fulfillment industry expert recognized worldwide.  Our mission has evolved and broadened to include those who are most affected by the cycles of poverty prevalent in the immediate vicinity of the Workwell facility, including refugees, veterans and any other individual of lower socioeconomic status.

Our Leadership

Kenya Freeman, President/CEO has years of professional experience with the best-known names in the logistics industry, but when he first arrived at Workwell in 2017, he found a diverse and positive environment unlike any he had ever seen. During his service as Director of Operations (and recently General Manager), he used his talents to increase organizational efficiency and develop the members of his team. Thanks to the unique mission of Workwell, Kenya works directly to help people overcome obstacles and better themselves, whether they envision learning job skills to use elsewhere, or advancing their careers at Workwell over time.

Kenya takes joy in creating an environment where workers of all backgrounds can learn and grow. This includes folks with criminal records, people with disabilities, refugees, and others with barriers to typical employment.


Want to work for an innovative, forward-thinking packaging & assembly industry expert that’s recognized worldwide? At Workwell, our employees matter.

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