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Mission: Workwell Industries is a non-profit organization committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities or others who may experience barriers to employment.

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At Workwell, our success stories are what drives us to continue our commitment to creating jobs. We’re excited about the impact we’ve had and continue to have in our community, and we’re proud of the individuals who make our successes possible.

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Want to work for an innovative, forward-thinking fulfillment industry expert that’s recognized worldwide? At Workwell, our employees’ lives matter.

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Sean Dillon: Helping Workwell Make Happy Customers
December 11, 2020

As Warehouse Manager at Workwell Industries, Sean Dillon enjoys helping his team overcome challenges. Overseeing forklift safety, shipping and receiving, and inventory operations is a big part of his job, but what he loves most is developing other people along the way. At Workwell, he helps train and support team members that would typically have trouble finding employment […]

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Workwell Welcomes Thomas Wobbe as chairman of the board
November 17, 2020

LOUISVILLE, KY: Workwell Industries announces the installment of Thomas Wobbe as chairman of its board of directors. Wobbe has been a member of the board since 2010 and succeeds Mike Taylor in service as chairman. Wobbe brings a wealth of leadership experience in the insurance industry, where he is the director of major accounts for […]

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