New Look, New Vision, Same Commitment to Customer Service

June 2, 2016
Louisville Kentucky. The geography of this great city, specifically the river accessibility UPS hub and centralized location have contributed to its importance as a center for industry and commerce. Louisville is now undergoing a new era of economic and business development.
Our non-profit corporation is committed to jobs for people with disabilities and others who experience barriers to employment. We work well with customers to increase their profitability through the refinement of and efficiencies in packaging, assembly, co-packing and re-work needs.
“We started in 1979, almost 40 years ago, and we’ve gone through change several times. We started out as Custom Manufacturing Services, about 20 years ago, the name was changed to Custom Quality Services. The Board of Directors at that time decided to change the name because we were no longer manufacturing products. We believe that we are one of the best kept secrets in Louisville, and that needs to change,” says Phil Berry, President & CEO.
Workwell Industries has a 40 year history of maximizing their clients’ profitability by minimizing process waste because they operate with a highly skilled, well-trained, and hardworking labor force. They execute with passion and integrity and provide customers with real results. It’s a non-profit 501c3, 97% self-funded and has built a successful business because of the partnerships with the companies they serve. We have always gone above and beyond to provide exceptional quality service and on time delivery to our customers.
Louisville is home to an important component in the transportation of goods nationally and internationally. The Port of Louisville handles an average of seven million tons of cargo yearly and the international air-freight for UPS is the twelfth- largest amount of cargo tonnage in the world. These large incentives are available just miles from our company.
“Here at our facility, we are a center based employer, we’ve got 180,00 sq. ft, 4 acres under roof. And with these corporate partnerships, we can create work stations where individuals can learn job specific skills that they will be able to go to those companies, day one, fully trained and certified & qualified,” says Berry.

Workwell follows strict guidelines to operate a foreign trade zone for the benefit of our customers.  This allows the customer’s product to be unloaded, repacked, sorted, mixed or otherwise manipulated without being subject to import duties, taxes or other restrictions.

In addition to the FTZ, our warehouse is guaranteed to work well with any business’s needs, no matter how large or small.  With a total of 180,000 square foot of space dedicated to racking and storage there is also access to 12 truck docks to ensure multiple trucks at once can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously.  These docks handle approximately 30 trailers per day and ship to 89 countries per year.

To prepare for their anticipated growth, Workwell has a newly implemented rack system to increase capacity by 47% for millions of cases of product. In addition, our new warehouse scanning system is a state of the art inventory control measure.

Our logistics department has a 99.6% shipping accuracy rating, which is an extraordinary record in the industry. In fact, it’s a world class rating. Our goals are ambitions, our plan is to position ourselves to grow customer accounts, develop partnerships with major corporations, conduct a capitol campaign to increase warehouse space, and most importantly, to provide enhanced skill set training for employees. Especially residents of Louisville’s West end.

“Our mission is to create jobs for people who have a hard time finding employment elsewhere,” says Berry, “We want to give them more tools, more skills, the ability to get out of some of the economic ruts that many of them are in and the ability to change their life if they choose.”

In order to start the journey to achieve these goals, a rebranding effort was essential. As of today, the former Custom Quality Services has a new brand, a new face, a new website and new social media applications positioning itself for the future.

Berry smiles. “We have gone through a complete makeover, if you will, and it is very exciting, because it does absolutely reflect who we are.”

Welcome to the new Workwell Industries.