Workwell Industries is stepping up their game; Investing in new Warehouse Racking System

June 2, 2016

Workwell Industries has been making some big improvements in 2016. Workwell has recently invested in over $200,000 in a new warehouse pallet racking system, as well as implementing the use of digital scanners for inventory control. Previously all shipping and warehousing was a manual operation. “This has given us the ability to keep inventory organized, easily locate things to fulfill orders within a timely manner,” said David Rieger, Director of Warehousing and Logistics.

With the pallet racking system, Workwell has implemented a designated storage strategy, cleaned and painted new striping to the warehouse floors and created warehouse staging locations for production replenishment. These updates will help to improve receipt processes for inbound material, inventory tracking and reconciliation, minimizing shipping errors and to increase current warehouse storage capacity to over 47%. The Logistics department now has a 99.6% accuracy rating, which is an extraordinary record in the industry.

By investing in upgraded equipment and increasing warehouse utilization, Workwell continues to streamline shipping and receiving procedures in a competitive market so that we can work well for you.