Welcome to the new Workwell Industries!

June 23, 2016

For months, mystery has been building around the West End packaging and assembly company, Custom Quality Services. Originally established as a manufacturing workshop for the mentally and physically disabled in 1978 and named “Custom Manufacturing Services,” CQS has gone through many changes as innovations over the years.


Most recently, they have invested in new warehouse pallet racking, digital scanning system, given the warehouse brand new paint striping, and the exterior of the building has undergone extensive renovations, as well. With all these upgrades, in addition to social media ads teasing “Louisville’s next best secret is about to be revealed…” had CQS customers, employees and neighbors wondering what the “secret” was all about.


The sunny afternoon of June 9th, President & CEO, Phil Berry, gathered all CQS employees for a special announcement in front of the building’s entrance. “We have changed our name, we have changed our brand, and together we take a huge step into the future as Workwell Industries!” Berry announced to the crowd as the American flag and the new Worwell Industries flag were raised in unison over their heads. The crowd then filtered to the back of the building to the new warehouse where they were presented with the company’s brand new website and invited to interact with the company’s many social media sites.

After a rousing Q&A game with t-shirts being slung into the crowd via slingshot, the new Workwell industries truck was revealed to the sounds of applause. The applause only grew louder as lunch was announced and new Workwell Industries t-shirts were handed out. After lunch everyone was dismissed to go home early with a full day’s pay in celebration for the start of a new beginning.


The day, however, was far from over. That evening at the Frazier History Museum, as unsuspecting guests filtered into the Speakeasy Room they were greeted with the same “Louisville’s best kept secret…” message on two giant monitors perched atop the room’s circular stage. The guests milled about, admired the exhibit, drank from their choice of several Kentucky based liquors (among others) at the bar and sampled a beautiful hors d’oeuvres buffet from Masterson’s catering.

Then, as the lights dimmed, the guests were invited to turn towards the stage and view a special presentation. The 2 monitors began to glow as scenes of Louisville began to flash across the screen. The room silently watched until the film ends revealing the reason they have all gathered at the Frazier that evening. Custom Quality Services has a new name and a new brand, Workwell Industries. The room burst into applause.

After the video had finished, and the secret was out, Phil Berry invited Jill Jones, Brown-Forman Vice President, to the stage to say a few words.

“We like working with Workwell Industries because they’re a not for profit and they help people overcome obstacles and we just believe in that as a company. We believe in leveling the playing field and helping people bring their whole selves every day to work. But that wouldn’t be enough. I mean, while we believe in it, we could just give a donation. We believe in it because of the quality that they do, their on time, their very competitive, and they’ll bend over backwards to get things out and to do a good job for you.

That’s just being competitive. How cool when you can help people succeed and they deliver a good product. Think of how fulfilling that is and how rewarding that is for all of us and they help us be successful in the global environment. “

After Jones, Berry takes the stage to say a few words about the new Workwell Industries. “Workwell Industries, day 1. We’ve got a 40 year history and a 1 day challenge to go forward in the future, and we’re excited,” he says.

“It’s the best thing the company has ever done” says Doris White, Director of Administration. White also received a special appreciation award (and correcting Berry on her start date in the process) that evening for being with the company for 38 years, longer than any other employee currently on payroll.


And then, the sound drums could be heard in the distance.  For the grand finale, the River City Drum Corps came streaming into the Speak Easy Room in one solid line and brought down the house with a performance that got everyone’s blood pumping. As cheers and dancing filled the room, it became apparent that Workwell Industries, Louisville’s best kept secret is finally out.