Meet Workwell Industries’ Quality Control Manager

July 11, 2016

Workwell Industries boasts an 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse, 12 loading docks, 9 fork lift trucks, 3 Lantech machines and a Federal Trade Zone, but our most valuable assets are our 200+ employees. In this new series of blog posts, you’ll get to know some of these employees, what they do at Workwell and a little about their lives outside of Workwell. Because Workwell Industries believes economic value can come from creating a positive social footprint, and we get the job done, one step at a time.

You may have noticed that Workwell has been making a lot of changes and upgrades lately. One of these has been the hiring of new Quality Control Manager, Carrie, Schueler. Carrie brings 35 years of experience to Workwell in Quality Control (often referred to as, “QC”), and has hit the ground running since coming aboard in mid-March, 2016.

“I started in livestock. I did Red Poll cattle for 15 years, went to different fairs, sold and showed cattle. And then I did horse shows, world championship horse shows for 20 years. Which is like the Derby of horse shows in Louisville at the Ky Fairgrounds and Expo Center,” says Schueler. And how does that relate to her work here at Workwell Industries? “Well, a lot of its numbers. Because each horse has its own registration number. Each owner has different CAB numbers so, it’s just keeping track of everybody.”

What exactly does QC consist of? “Quality Control is making sure the right product goes to the right customer. So we go out and we check to lot numbers, batch numbers and the skew numbers. Each time something new comes along we double check it to make sure that’s what the customer wants, and that’s what they get.”



Schueler has already implemented some changes in QC since she began her work with the non-profit. Forms have been changed to ensure more accuracy, an additional position has been created at the gate to double check lot & batch numbers on pallets before they are shipped out to customers, and things are running smoother than ever before.

Since starting at Workwell, Schueler says her favorite part about the job is the variety of jobs from day to day. “Something different every day,” she says. She also comments on the hard work she sees from the warehouse employees every day. “Everyone really hustles out here.”

There’s another reason Schueler is enjoying her new position of Workwell Industries Quality Control Manager. “This will be my first summer off in over 20 years!” she says, “Even when I did the cattle, I did different fairs, which, they run in circuit, so I never had any time off!” And what does she plan to do with that time? Schueler says she enjoys fishing “anywhere and everywhere,” especially in the family’s favorite vacation spot in Michigan. She also enjoys reading, bowling, although she admits that she and her husband mostly watch their two sons bowl these days, and is looking forward to her son’s upcoming wedding in October.

Workwell Industries is proud to have great employees like Carrie as part of our team, and we’d like to say thanks Carrie, for ensuring our customers get nothing but the highest quality service (and enjoy that vacation!).