Workwell Industries: Your Logistics Dream Come True

February 16, 2017

Workwell Industries: Your Logistics Dream Come True


So if you find yourself reading this, you’ve probably heard Workwell Industries tout themselves as “Louisville’s Best Kept Secret.” Easy to say, but not as easy to back up. Why, do you ask, is Workwell Industries in the perfect position to handle your company’s deliveries, guaranteed, on-time, to the highest satisfaction? Well, there’s a myriad of reasons why Workwell Industries is here to deliver top customer service while maximizing client’s profitability on a product, and we’re here to tell you why…


Location, Location, Location…

Have you ever heard that old real estate adage? “Location is everything.” This especially rings true in the case of Louisville, Ky.  Louisville was first established as an important shipping and trading port in the early 1800s due to its location on the Ohio River. What was an asset in 1828 is still an asset in 2017.



Nestled right alongside the Ohio interstates I-71, I-65 & I-64 all converge in a spot that has recently been overhauled to streamline traffic patterns and has been nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction,” by locals.  This, paired with Louisville’s centrally located position in the US allows vehicles to reach almost 2/3’s of the country in a day’s time.

Louisville is also home to the UPS Worldport Hub, which with the sq footage of 90 football fields, is the largest fully automated package-handling facility in the world.


So you see, easy access to truck, air, rail and barge transportation has put Louisville on the national, and international map as a major player in logistics and distribution.  Workwell Industries is lucky enough to be located right in the heart of downtown, minutes from the 1-64 bridge to Indiana.

Foreign Trade Zone

Enough about Louisville… what does Workwell Industries have to offer? Did you know that Workwell is one of a small group of companies that have been granted an on-site Foreign Trade Zone by Riverport Authority? This means we have to follow strict guideline which allow product to be unloaded, re-packed, sorted, mixed or otherwise manipulated without being subjected to import duties, taxes or other restrictions.


As an added service to our customers, Worwell provides on-site office space to a Customs brokerage firm that assists with shipments coming into or out of the country.

Keeps Getting Better

Still need convincing? Workwell Industries’ Logistics Department boasts a 99.6% shipping accuracy rating; an extraordinary record in the industry! The Warehouse is equipped with 12 loading docks to ensure that multiple trucks can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously. These docks handle approximately 30 truck per day. These trucks deliver nearly 2 Million cases of finished goods to 89 foreign countries and all 50 states.

A couple of recent additions to Logistics Department include our new box truck and cargo van (courtesy of a generous donation, Cardinal Carryor). Complete with shiny new custom wrap jobs, keep your eyes peeled for these new rides cruising around town.

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Workwell has also been busy installing a new pallet racking system to utilize warehouse storage space. Last summer, after investing in over $400, 000, we began phase 1 of installation of the system, as well as implemented state-of-the-art scanners and inventory software. Phase 2 will begin February 27, 2017 and, once completed, will have increased warehouse storage capacity by 47%.

By investing in upgraded equipment and increasing warehouse utilization, Workwell Industries continues to streamline shipping and receiving procedures in a competitive market. This, paired with our ideal location, our highly trained, skilled and hardworking labor force and our commitment to unparalleled customer service, what more could you ask for?

Call 502-772-7383 today to find out how else we can work well for you.