Way Easier than Ikea Instructions

April 24, 2017

Outsourcing Assembly Work Pays

Something we’ve all been hearing a lot about in the news these days is manufacturing and assembly work. As Louisville’s reliable source for contract outsourcing for over 40 years, Workwell Industries (formerly Custom Quality Services) has seen a lot of different kinds assembly jobs pass through these doors over the last 4 decades.

“We’ve done missile canisters for government contracts, we’ve filled jugs with caramel coloring, that’s a food additive, and right now we’re packaging 1 liter bottles of [special Limestone filtered Kentucky] water for people to drink with their Bourbon” says Theresa Cardwell, Production Manager. And she would know

Cardwell first came to Workwell 20 years ago this summer when a cousin asked her if she was looking for some work. Hired as a temporary employee, she worked 2 months packaging glasses for Brown-Forman.

When business slowed down Theresa was laid off but was called back on December 18th 1996 (she actually still remembers the exact date), and has been here ever since. “I’ve probably filled every position in this place. I’ve worked from stacking pallets, to becoming a line leader, to becoming a supervisor… I’ve been in charge of shipping & receiving and I’m now the production manager.” Cardwell has seen nearly every job assembled within Workwell’s walls during that time, and has her favorites when it comes to interesting or “odd jobs.”

“In our production area we assemble a lot of Brown-Forman’s gift packs for the holiday season. We spend all summer doing that. We’ll put a bottle of liquor with some type of premium, whether it be glasses, or flasks, or coasters and they are sold as a set. We also do job for Aquilo/SCR where we actually fully assemble coolers and pants sets that are used as portable ice baths for athletes. We’re also assembling over 2,000 lockers that will go into one of the local high schools while the kids are on their summer break this year,” she explains with a smile on her face.

In addition to assembly, companies like Workwell Industries offers a wide range of services. These include but are not limited to, packaging, storage, distribution and even janitorial services. From a strict assembly standpoint, outsourcing solutions provides an extensive variety of services, from hand production and sorting to sub-assembly and more. In many cases, outsourcing is a cost-, space- and time-effective means of producing a component or device. It eliminates the need to re-equip, expand or move an existing facility, while still allowing a production to move ahead as quickly as possible.

Contract assembly services also provide the ideal solution for the production of limited components, and devices that require extensive or specialized construction of complex parts. Many components are put together using a variety of processes (soldering, screwing, etc.) that are nearly impossible to duplicate using machinery, or require such specialized equipment that hand assembly is more economical. Due to the labor intensive nature of these operations, manufacturers often use outsourcing programs for final assembly, packaging and distribution. “Every customer is different,” says Cardwell, “Every job is different, really.” Workwell strives to not only not only complete the job on time according to specifications, but with the best customer service possible at a competitive price.

What does Cardwell wish everyone knew about her employer of 20 years? “I really don’t believe that everyone knows we’re here and that [we’re capable of] doing a lot of different kinds of jobs. A lot of people, when they walk in the door, are surprised at how big the place actually is and what kind of work we actually do here,” Cardwell grins as she looks around. Though her staff and skill set has grown, her life philosophy has remained the same. “I’ve just learned to take things one day at a time and do the best you can do on whatever you’re doing.”

It’s a philosophy everyone at Workwell Industries seems to have taken to heart. If you have any questions about how Workwell can help your company with an assembly project, or with any other service, call 502-772-7383 or visit www.workwellindustries.com.