Manufacturing: We’ve got the skills you need!

October 25, 2017

Manufacturing has been a bit of a ‘buzz word” in the United States lately.  A new wave of industrial progress has brought with it a demand for supply chain management. Workwell Industries finds itself uniquely positioned to take advantage of this demand.

Manufacturing growth is trending in the US. It can be broken down into hundreds of different industries: Automotive, IT, Chemical, Electronics, Metals Processing, Textiles. But it all means the same thing, America is producing. According to KPMG’s Global Manufacturing Outlook 2016, 74% of manufacturers polled said that “growth will be a high or extremely high priority for their organization over the next 2 years.”  But how does a company invest in growth while simultaneously meeting the increased manufacturing demand?

We know you can’t do everything yourself, and Workwell Industries is your answer. We are an established Packaging, Assembly & Outsourcing company that has been serving the community for more than 40 years in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. We invest more than just our time and money in training our employees. We invest our heart. That’s not just a cliché, and our clients see it when they see the talent level of our workforce. The fact that we continue to evolve their skills builds trust with our clients that their business is in capable hands regardless of the challenges they send our way.

Workwell Industries attacks every job with the end goal being to deliver the most innovative solution, the best service, and an infectious passion to succeed to remove competitors from the minds of our clients. We work with large enterprises that create logistical challenges requiring sophisticated solutions. Workwell’s manufacturing services are complex and adjustable to ensure maximum output and success.

A company-wide rebranding strategy repositioned us with a new name, logo, mission and sleek online presence.  Workwell Industries has also invested significant time and capital into the infrastructure, warehouse inventory management software, security and more.

With our innovative and highly trained workforce, we can complete any contracted job, guaranteed on-time! Along with the on-site Foreign Trade Zone and the “world class” Shipping & Receiving Department, conveniently positioned on the Ohio River, centrally located in the US, we’re a Domestic Outsourcing dream!