Contact our Sales Team!

November 1, 2018

We are pleased to introduce you to Workwell’s new Business Development Team! They are available for a consultation. Call 502-772-7383 today.

Sandy Boyd serves as Director of Foreign Trade Zone Compliance and New Business Development. Prior to Workwell, Sandy worked at FedEx Trade Networks as Senior Operations Manager and C J International Inc. as FTZ Branch Manager. She brings over 29 years of experience in the international transportation and Customs Brokerage industry. Her vast Foreign Trade Zone and logistics and warehousing background provide an additional layer of expertise available to our clients.  Collaboration with domestic and foreign suppliers and regulatory agencies aid her in the role of New Business Development.

Understanding the challenges that client’s face gives Sandy the ability to provide strategic planning to ensure their needs are met. When choosing a partner, choose a team that not only works with you but also with you. Contact Sandy to accomplish your business goals today at or call 502-772-7383 ext. 130.