Workwell’s Geneva Nelson loves learning

June 10, 2021

In 2007, Geneva Nelson arrived in Louisville looking for a change. Her middle son had passed away, and at that time, she and her husband moved from Chicago “hoping and praying for the best.” Geneva’s new home was down the road from a women’s shelter, and a neighbor staying there encouraged Geneva to join her working at what is now known as Workwell Industries. Geneva applied for a seasonal job, and fourteen years later, the rest is history. She started as a temp reworking packaging on the production floor. Over the years, she advanced to a line leader and assistant to the production manager, and now she works in the office in an Inventory and Foreign Trade Zone role. 

“It’s been exciting to learn whatever comes my way,” Geneva said. “My managers here have tried me on different things and found that I catch on quickly. I have helped train many new people myself, and it’s been fantastic to learn more and have an office job.”  

Geneva is proud to be part of the diverse team at Workwell. She especially loves working with and getting to know her colleagues that have disabilities.  

“It’s been a wonderful experience meeting people from all walks of life,” Geneva said. “I learn a lot from my disabled team members about life. I have also worked with people from other parts of the globe who are new to Louisville. I learn from them, too, but I haven’t gotten very far on picking up other languages yet.”  

Geneva knows that her training at Workwell has positioned her to work anywhere, but the culture is such that she never wants to leave.  

“Workwell is a comfort zone for me,” Geneva said. “You can be feeling sad and down, and once you get here, everyone is so fun and funny, you forget what you were upset about.”  

In the future, Geneva hopes to retire from Workwell, but she doesn’t plan to rest for too long. She wants to spend her time helping other people get a fresh start in life, much like Workwell did for her.