Looking for a Sales Representative

January 24, 2022
Workwell Industries is a strong nonprofit community-based organization in Louisville KY. We provide quality packaging, parts assembly as well as various other services to many large organizations in the US and Worldwide. By choosing to outsource these services to Workwell, companies routinely reduce overhead & save on the cost of a project. We also have been granted a Foreign Trade Zone through the Riverport Authority that is monitored by US Customs. 

Job Description:
Are you an individual who would like to see your sales efforts help promote community growth and development? At Workwell Industries, you will have that opportunity. We also understand that the key to growth is in hiring a high-performing salesperson therefore, we are looking for a results-driven Sales Representative with excellent interpersonal skills to actively seek out and engage customer prospects.  You should be a quick learner with strong communication skills and have the ability to showcase our offerings in a compelling way. Every potential customer is an opportunity for you to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels, and profitability. 
Base Salary $50,000 + Commission with earning potential of 120K+ possible.