Frequently Asked Questions

About The Company

Who is Workwell Industries?
We are a non-profit organization that is committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities & others who might experience barriers to employment.


Is this a new company?
Workwell Industries was formally known as Custom Quality Services, Inc. CQS was established in Louisville, Ky in 1979.

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Where is Workwell Industries?
3401 Jewell Ave, Louisville, Ky. 40212 in the historical Portland neighborhood.

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What we do

What kind of work does Workwell Industries do?
We are a company that provides packaging, assembly and fulfillment services to many large organizations in the region.  Basically, we will do most any job that a company needs done to lower their overhead costs on a project.

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What kind of companies does Workwell work with?
We work with many industry leaders and small companies alike in the region and beyond.

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