Success Stories

"Part of when I learned about CQS’s [now Workwell Industries] history and that really it grew out of… much more [than] a charity, in terms of how to help disadvantaged or disabled people… and they have actually built that into a very competitive business. They’re able to balance… being such a good servant to the community and when you look at them, it’s actually a very little of their revenue or their money comes from charitable contributions."

Larry Combs
SVP, General Manager of Production, External Manufacturing & Corporate Engineering Jack Daniels

"We has been working with CQS [now Workwell Industries] for about 5 years. [They are] very competitive on pricing, and just get the job done. Absolutely would recommend. There’s been zero instances of anything ever going wrong. It just always goes smooth, very, very smooth. No news is good news! Very easy to do business with…"

Stephen N. Sundholm
VP Sales/Corporate Alliances Unicorr Packaging Group

“Ponderosa Packaging…specifically Connecticut Containers, has been outsourcing work to CQS [now Workwell Industries], mostly assembly and pick/pack work, for about the past 6 years. Whenever I call they already know what needs to be done…There’s no run around or [any] sales pitches you might get from other companies… Honesty, Integrity & Reliability… Custom Quality [Services] does a great job.”

Dorothy Clancy
Office Manager Ponderosa Packaging

“CQS [now Workwell Industries] is an essential part of BASF Louisville’s production process. They provide professional services with an exemplary attention to detail and organization. Our long-standing partnership with CQS is a wonderful way for BASF to work with the neighboring community.”

Michelle Roberts
Supply Planner at Louisville Plant BASF

“They have been with us from the very beginning, helping us grow, helping us go from one iteration to the next. And all along the entire way of being flexible they’ve consistently delivered quality assistance – quality help – and assisted in the development of our product. The biggest thing has always been flexibility. Being more of a start-up [type of company], they have always been willing to adjust to our change in demands, our intricacies in the different design components as we’ve changed things… We’ve changed production, we’ve changed models…we’ve changed everything throughout the years at any given point and they’ve always been super receptive and flexible...From the more simple proof of concept devices all the way up to what we’re actually producing now on a much larger scale, [they’ve] always been there the whole time, helping us grow and develop the technology and we look forward to growing and continuing our partnership in the future.”

Brek Meuris
Director of Engineering SCR Development Group

“We had a real problem. We had an enormous project that was something we knew right away…we weren’t going to be able to handle on our own. They were immediately there to give us solutions, multiple solutions, help us tailor to one that was just right for what we needed. They did everything on time, they did it exactly the way we needed it, they thought of questions and issues before we even had a chance to realize there could be questions [or] issues, and at the end of the day everything came back better than we possibly could have expected. And we were as happy as we possibly could have been.”

R. Scott Weddle
Director, Production Services Flavorman

“We like working with Workwell Industries, because they’re a not-for-profit and they help people overcome obstacles and we just believe in that as a company. We believe in leveling the playing field and helping people bring their whole selves every day of work. But that wouldn’t be enough, I mean, while we believe in it we could just give a donation. We believe in them because of the quality that they do, they’re on time, they’re very competitive, and they’ll bend over backwards to get things done and to go a good job for you. That’s just being competitive. How cool when you can help people succeed and they deliver a good product. Think of how fulfilling that is and how rewarding that is for all of us, plus they help us be successful in the global environment. How cool is that? I love that. With the advent of the new racking system and many other upgrades, Workwell Industries has shown they are ready to compete locally, statewide, national and internationally in the world of packaging and assembly. They’re going to continue to play a great role in the development of the West End of Louisville. “

Jill Jones
Executive Vice President, President of North America, Latin America, India, Middle East, Africa, Global Travel Retail regions Brown-Forman