Pack it up!

Workwell Industries has a long history of Contract Packaging Services. Other companies come to us to help manufacture and package the products they wish to market and distribute. Our services include a multitude of packaging services ranging from the simple to the complex.

Why hire a Contract Packager? There are many benefits:

  • A Contract Packager with well-equipped facilities can expand your production facilities without requiring a capital investment from you in facilities, equipment, and personnel, eliminating or reducing costs. 
  • You can hire an established Contract Packager, so your lead-time to market is significantly reduced! 
  • An experienced team brings expertise in packaging design and execution, as well as areas in which you might not have existing resources or expertise. 
  • A Contract Packager can handle more specialized needs, such as packaging products in smaller lots or handling unusual or short-term needs. 
  • A centrally located contract packager can help you manage distribution in other geographic areas. 
  • A contract packager with expertise in all areas of packaging can help you design and produce a packaging solution for a new product. 

Let Us Package Your Products

A lot comes with running a business, and Workwell Industries is here for you! We’ve got the labor, the location, and the knowledge to help you turn your project into a success! We offer a variety of packaging services, including, but not limited to, Packaging, Assembly, Inspection, and more. Call 502-772-7383 for a quote today!

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